Posted by: nyurkha | October 8, 2010

Two black tears

Black tears

Black tears of joy ran down my face
the night I felt your warm embrace
Black tears of sadness creeped down my chin
the night I saw the pain within

Tears and laughter, pain and pleasure
There’s a feeling locked in my chest that I’ll always treasure
I walked away with swollen eyes
Feeling like I’ve won an unworthy prize

Those black tears of joy imprinted on your shoulder
will stay there until my trail gets colder
and if you please, one of these days
bring back the black tears I left behind in the craze


Posted by: nyurkha | September 27, 2010

Broken love


I hear your voice in the back of my head

Ringing through the noise that deafens me

It echoes again and again without end

It will echo until the day I will get to see

If I stop and ponder about the world around

There’s nothing anyone can say to change this

You’re part of it and you will always be found

In my dreams my thoughts and everything that exists

My memories of you will never fade away

I can’t forget your touch or your kiss

I will always wonder about the delay

To our beautiful and eternal bliss

You may think I am crazy, and you might be right

I never thought that your love could disappear

But now that I’m alone in this fight

My eternal love is all I fear

Posted by: dragonflyoutinthesun | June 23, 2010

10 million by Saturday?

**UPDATE: We’re almost up to 10 million supporters! Click here to help us reach 10 million before Saturday**

Dear reader,

Unprecedented momentum has been building towards this moment – with over nine million people already supporting the 1GOAL call across the globe, through a range of exciting activities. Can we reach 10 million before the halfway stage of the tournament?

It couldn’t come at a better time: now the South African President has invited world leaders to a summit at the end of the World Cup to discuss the plan to get every child into school. This is the perfect opportunity, as the campaign for the World Cup ends, to focus on the campaign for universal education.

Now you have the chance to help this campaign reach an amazing 10 million supporters, at this crucial moment, by issuing your own Yellow Card calling on world leaders to guarantee schooling for every child:

World leaders need to agree on a plan to provide education, and to do that they’ll need to hear from all of us united in our demand to make education the lasting legacy of this World Cup. That’s where you come in.

If countries’ governments don’t believe there is a global demand for action on education, they won’t agree to fix the problem. Issue your own Yellow Card calling on world leaders to guarantee education for every child, and we’ll deliver it directly to them:

Our nine million supporters are drawn from cities, towns, and villages in over 120 countries, and have shown their support in an incredible range of ways. Teachers, students, local education activists, football fans and celebrities have all rallied, and whether they’re doing it using email, mobile phone, social networks or attending the World’s Biggest Lesson, we are becoming a global voice too large for world leaders to ignore.

In villages throughout Bangladesh, thousands of children have taken part in football matches in support of 1GOAL, joining 194,097 fellow Bangladeshis who have sent SMS messages to join the call for education for all.

In Senegal, the Senegalese President invited hundreds of 1GOAL supporters to the Presidential Palace where he made a public commitment to the 1GOAL campaign and its aim of making sure every child receives an education.

While in the United States, 1GOAL received national attention when the Good Morning America TV program visited a South African school in Soweto with the 1GOAL team.

You can be part of this global movement building momentum towards a world where every child is guaranteed an education, by sending your own Yellow Card to world leaders before the World Cup Final:

This opportunity is too good to miss – global attention will be on Africa, and world leaders will be pressed on the issue of education. Help us reach 10 million supporters by filling out your Yellow Card today.

Thanks for making a difference,
The 1GOAL team.


Posted by: nyurkha | June 4, 2010

Hate I


Poison floods the air that you breathe
Venom pulses the words that you speak
Shadows circle your every move
And hate is all you ever choose
This is the remedy you should try
“Close your eyes and slowly die”
Everything you touch turns to ashes
Your very look brings fire to matches
Your greasy hair and long nails
Have crawled through my dreams as morbid snails.
You represent all evil in the world
Why don’t you do us all a favor and go out cold.

Posted by: nyurkha | May 3, 2010



A sutured heart is not the same,
As it was, before it was maimed,
He had the power in his hands
To kill you and bury your remains
But you survived through hell and back
And yet you’re wandering off the beaten track.
On that night when you almost died
Remember you weren’t the only one that tried.
You both were wounded after the fight
You both were bleeding in the dead of the night,
You both got up and limped your way home
Thinking whether that was really the way to go…
Licking your wounds in a corner of a room
Wishing you were dead not later but soon
Wondering if the slashes made on your skin
Were actually your fault, or his
Time has passed and your wounds are healed
And you build around you a fence or a shield.
Your scars will never go away
But your heart is here to stay.
Take it easy, don’t break apart
For it is better to have loved and lost…

Posted by: nyurkha | March 15, 2010

Do you have hope?

I’m walking to a place where I used to be happy

I’m walking through everything that is unholy and mighty

I see trees around me resenting my very presence

I hear the wind scream and whispering my sentence

Of total loneliness in this pavement jungle

Which I, with time, have learned to hate just like a Mugger

As I walked in search of my happy place

I realized how the world was telling me to wipe hope off my face

Everywhere you look the media, the people, and the entertainment

They tell you everything’s okay, and they enable

For you to see happiness on everyone’s table

But this simply is not possible, just simply isn’t true

Because not everyone is happy and not any one cannot be blue

Happiness is but and illusion searched by many and found by none

And the happy place is a delusion that was never confirmed by anyone

We can probably keep searching because without hope we’re zombies

But the backstage talk is: no one has found love and no one is actually happy

Posted by: nyurkha | February 8, 2010

Let’s play to win!

We rule ourselves one way or another out of fear
Fear that we will never be able to hear
Our deepest hopes and dreams come alive
We can’t hear the demon because we’re dead inside.
Searching for an exit through our own fears
Fighting through pillars build in history
Fighting to find what was never there
The illusion that people actually care.
We murder the beauty that slipped through the cracks
We build our own volcanoes to die in the blasts
We never know where the demon is hidden
Yet we treasure him because he’s forbidden.
Our faces are different from even our twin
Our actions are chaotic and we expect to win
Winning is all that we ever cared about
Though we have no idea when we should shout
Because we never knew what the hell we’re fighting for
And the only prize in sight is simply … war
War with ourselves and with each other
War with death, death is our mother.
The demon that lives on this earth today
Is me, it’s you, it’s any poor stray
So don’t fight the demon you dread
Simply try and get in bed
With all this hell that’s breaking loose
And try to stay away from the noose
Cuz you will die one either way
Don’t cheat, the game needs to be played
Posted by: dragonflyoutinthesun | January 22, 2010

Tragedia actorului

Tragedia actorului

Cortina cade

Şi actorii se îmbată cu aplauze,

Cortina cade

Şi euforia creşte,

Cortina cade

Şi ultimul actor rătăcit

Este absorbit de scenă, amuţit.

Reflectoarele se sting

Şi decorul devine sumbru,

Reflectoarele se sting

Şi tropotele dispar,

Reflectoarele se sting

Şi actorul invăluit in linişte cugetă,

Ultimele sale replici recită.

Actorul dispare

Şi lacrimile curg,

Actorul dispare

Şi cortina îi mângâie faţa,

Actorul dispare

Şi trupul i se contopeşte cu scena,

Replicile se evaporă şi se ridică cortina.

De sus se aud aplauze.

No one said that growing up is so hard, nobody warned me about what’s coming, no one said Ok, now you’d better put your helmet on cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! And I’m not talking about school or getting a job, it’s not about the growing up as in being over 18 and having responsibilities etc, I’m talking about what goes on inside, about all the questions, about growing up as a human being. I wish somebody made a brochure: Growing-up for newbies. Maybe no one wrote one because nobody really grew up, maybe we’re all in the process of growing up and that’s bad news. That means that this torment will never stop, I’ll never get to the next level, I’ll just leave the impression that I have, because I’ll have grey hair and I’ll be considered wise and by that time I won’t tell my advisees what’s gonna come ‘cause no one’s told me and cause that’s how the world spins. So, let’s make a club or let’s have something like the AA meetings cause I’m sure there are a lot of us who would need these meetings, about 6,5 billion of us. I know these meetings wouldn’t help me answer my questions, like why am I here, what is here exactly, it wouldn’t help me cope with the too many events that take place around me, it wouldn’t help me figure out how we work, why so many people are hurting and what’s the purpose of all the drama we see around us-for that I’d probably be advised to go to church-. But maybe we’ll make the world a better place just by admitting that we are all in the never-ending process of the growing up and we’ll try to grow up together and maybe that will bring us together ‘cause religion, music or love don’t really seem to do the job. So, what do you say? Shall we make the world an easier place to live in?
“The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent; the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult; the day he forgives himself, he becomes wise” [Alden Nowlan]

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Inna Hot, marea noastra artista, a fost, nu stiu daca mai e, in Hot Dance Airplay Billboard pe locul 1. Ok, trecem peste faptul ca ea nici nu stia ce-i ala Billboard sau ca nu le are cu geografia sau chestiile astea, macar e sincera. Asa-i ca arata bine si are voce faina?Atunci cum dracu scoate cacaturile astea pe gura la un interviu in Ungaria ca in cantece engleza ei suna bine:

well, it made my day si ma gandeam ca poate e cineva care nu a vazut asta si I wanted to make your day as well!:)clipu asta intra in aceeasi categorie cu urmatorul si il postez pentru ca nu as stii ce titlu sa-i dau:

Hev a nais dei!:)

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