Posted by: nyurkha | May 18, 2009

Don’t kill me, love me

As I write this 
I’m about to die
I must’ve shown you many ways
But you just never hear me cry
I kept on waiting for you
For you to say “I care”
But you never said those words
And now this pain’s become to much to bear

I’m sorry you never noticed
That I was slipping away
But this isn’t your fault
I just couldn’t bear for you to go astray

I’m going now
It’s all black
Don’t worry about me
I’m going .. 
back .. 


  1. Congrats to both of you.
    Este o mare placere si surpriza sa vizitez acest blog, de care am dat din intimplare (a search error in Google Alerts …)

    Best Regards

    • Thank you!
      Speram sa iti placa blogul si in continuare! Te mai asteptam pe aici. Feel free to express your opinion anywhere you want.
      Welcome to our blog.

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