Posted by: dragonflyoutinthesun | May 18, 2009

’til the end

I hate the fact that most movie-theaters they stop the movies right after the story ends, not letting the end-credits run. Most people don’t watch them even when they’re at home enjoying a movie by themselves! That’s the part of the movie, you’ve got 3 min, usually accompanied by a splendid song, when you should absorb everything you learned in the movie or what impressed you in it, when you should be thinking about the storyline and what you were left  with! You can’t return to your reality just like that, as if the movie never happened, than it means you have watched it in vain, because it didn’t leave a mark on you. You didn’t enjoy it nor learned anything from it, so then you can say you’ve wasted 2 hours of your life for nothing. Those 3 min soften the transition from imagination to some kind of reality/routine! If you have time to watch the credits from the beginning of the movie then you have time to watch the end-credits as well. So, I would advise you to stop and listen, listen to your thoughts, to your imagination. Stop, take it all in and then carry on with life.

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