Posted by: nyurkha | May 20, 2009

I’d like to believe

 I would love to believe in this world and all that it has to offer, but somehow I can’t find something to hold on to… I wonder how others do it. I mean life is so predictable and at the same time such a hectic display of actions and reactions. I call life predictable because the stages of life are predictable. We have birth (that is part of our parents predictable life), baptism (the choise of religion made by our parents), childhood (the determination of our education, personality, background, etc., also made by our parents), adolescence (our jump from one religion to another, one sexuality to another, one personality to another, one way of thinking to another etc. In other words a total mess.), adulthood (the moment it starts we are forced one way or another to make choices involving who we are, what we do, when we do it etc. another time of our lives that is totally hectic, yet somehow predictable), marriage(the moment we decide to wed is the moment we think society dictates we have to.), having children (idem. marriage), divorce (idem. having children), death (that is the only thing in life that is not predictable, but if I really think about it, death is after life, so it doesn’t really count.)

               Even though everything I have just written is not really exactly like that in every country, for every person, in any religion, sex, financial, social or political status, yet somehow if applied they do match ..

              This life has taught me so far that I have nothing left to believe in, since no one can stand out, no one can live forever, no one can love unconditionally, no one can be someone …

             I want out!

Send me to hell so I can know
Whether down there relies a flaming foe
Send me to heaven so I can find out
Whether there’s a God that made us all up
Just send me anywhere away from here
Because there’s nothing left to worship or fear.
Send me maybe if you can
To any world that was made up by man.
Send me to the aliens in outer space
Maybe they have the answers to renew my faith.
Send me to Atlantis under the seas
Maybe there are answers to feed my fears.
Send me to the Gods on mount Olympe
It turns out they could have the key to everything.
Send me to Utopia, ow! what a dream
To a world where every thing’s perfect or so it seems.
Send me to purgatory, where the decisions are made
Whose good and whose bad, maybe I can find my name.
I know this is silly imaginary friend of mine
But please! send me anywhere so my spirit can stay alive.

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