Posted by: nyurkha | May 20, 2009

My dog jumped out the window

M-am hotarat azi sa strang putin de prin casa. Cumva reusesc sa fac dezordine tot timpul si asa imi si fac de lucru, si anume am ocupatie sa strang tot dupa mine. Mara, catelusa mea, m-a tot urmarit azi prin casa, orice miscare faceam era tot dupa mine. La un moment dat devenise chiar enervanta. Eu stau la casa, iar camera pe care m-am hotarat sa o aerisesc are geamul catre strada, iar Mara a reusit cumva sa-si dea seama de lucrul asta. Fiind tot dupa mine toata ziua nu m-am gandit ca poate urmarii ceva in special, dar m-am inselat.

In momentul in care am deschis geamul, Mara si-a luat avant, a sarit pe fotoliu si pe geam. Am ramas incremenita vreo 2 minute. Nici nu am stiut cum sa reactionez. Cainii astia sunt mai destepti decat par. Ea chiar si-a dat seama ca daca iese pe geamul ala ajunge afara si poate fugii. Inca nu a venit acasa, dar vine ea. A mai plecat asa, dar vine tot murdara si pe la ore nebune sa ma trezeasca pe mine. 

Cum naiba si-a dat seama ca daca sare pe geam ajunge afara? Si inca ceva, de unde a stiut ca daca sare pe acolo nu se loveste? Are tupeu cateaua asta!!



Today I’ve decided to tidy up the place. Somehow I always manage to make a total mess, so this way I always have something to do and that is to tidy up after myself. Mara, my dog, kept following me all over the house watching my every move. At a certain point she actually became annoying. I live in a house, and the room I was planning on letting some fresh air in has the window facing the street, and Mara somehow managed to figure that out. Since she has been following me all day long I didn’t think she could actually have a hidden agenda, but I was wrong.

The second I opened the window Mara actually ran up the sofa, up on the window and into the street. I swear, for about 2 minutes I was stunned. I had no idea how to react to that. These bloody dogs are smarter than they seem. She actually figured out that if she goes out that particual window she can go outside and start running and having fun. She hasn’t come home yet, but she will. She’s been out like this before and she always comes home either very dirty or very late just to ruin my sleep!

How the hell did she figure out that if she jumps out that window she will be outside? And another thing, how did she know that if she jumps through there she won’t get hurt? This dog has some balls!!

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