Posted by: nyurkha | May 20, 2009

Satin Mantel


Cold morning in my room
I wake up to see
The vegetation doomed
It’s all gone
But instead
There is a white blanket
It looks like heaven
Down on earth
It looks like diamonds
Have concurred
To form a kiss
To form a storm
It’s like a bliss
To see the sparks
Of sun and moon
On these dark parts
When all is dark
In autumn season
Then comes winter
To bring a reason
Drawn in snow
To make me know
That transforms
All the rain, the mud
The filth, the scum
Into a beautiful mantel
Made of white satin
A special satin
That feels no pain
A perfect cover
For noise and dust
To make a quiet day
And forcing any human
Not to get lost
The pure color of snow
Cleans your soul
And when all windows
And frozen in beauty
Any person should know
Winter is here
For what better way
Then satin velvet
To clean the world
And make it prepared
For a new generation
For a new world
For all the temptation
To be as clean as snow?
Because we need today
More than anything
A pure sweep
To clean all the filth
And make life
Worth while ..

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