Posted by: nyurkha | November 11, 2009

Journey through life


Journey through life

Like the hourglass
Our lives flow
But like the people who go to mass
We all wanna know
Where our lives are going
And why the end is tragic
What are we doing
And why there is no magic.
Our lives are empty from the start
Our feelings are either wasted, or torn apart
We don’t get answers to the questions we ask
Yet we ask them because we need to know our task
Everyone lives in a continuous spin of dust
Every day we try not to fall victims to lust.
Our days are counted by a mechanical world
And society thinks that’s just normal…not cold
Our lives have no spice, so we use a blender
To mix up everything just to have fights and be remembered
There’s no love, there’s no hate,
There are no feelings that toss us at “The Gate”
There’s just us, and we’re alone
And we’re killing ourselves, nice…and slow…

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