Posted by: nyurkha | December 11, 2009

Face your fears!


Easier said than done, actually. Each of us has something they are afraid of. Actually we have many things we are afraid of: some things are around us every day, some things we simply wish to do but are afraid of the consequences, others we actually dig up the courage to do the, but society would look at us with reproachful eyes if we take certain steps and that just makes us simple cowards. Other things we are afraid of are rational or irrational as all phobias are. This article was inspired by one night of karaoke, in which oddly enough alcohol was not a factor. It’s hard to do something that requires courage without a safety net so that the next day the blame can go on something else. So, how does one face one’s fear?

I honestly have no idea. It’s not something you can do by following a certain pattern and there is no rule that can yank us out of our protective shell, in conclusion each process is different for each of us. The only thing that is the same for everyone is the feeling after the fact. You buy yourself a colorful wig and you hold it in your hand out of fear that if you wore it you would be labeled strange; you sit on the edge of a 10m water trampoline and you simply stare down; you are at the edge of a cliff tied up in bungee-jumping strings and you stare in the abyss; you sit at the edge of the bad staring at the microphone … you are staying, staring, sitting… and that moment comes, in which the stomach does backflips, you feel like you might explode, you feel your heart pounding in your ears and you have to make a decision. Will you take that step, will you make that leap, or not?

Each of us has a private life, personal feelings, we have that self that cannot be described or explained, but it can be explored. One thing that has happened to us recently or a long time ago, one event in which we had the courage to take that step and we were disappointed, that event could have marked us, so now we decided not to take chanced out of fear of disappointment. On the other hand the lack of risks, lack of leaps could also make the next risk more interesting and more avant-garde.

I don’t know what makes each person take that leap, but I am sure that once the risk is taken and the effect is good, the joy of victory is above any words. Obviously it can all fail miserably, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take other risks afterwards. I can tell you this, I went to karaoke, and I took that step towards the microphone, I took the microphone in my hand and I sang. Today I listened to the recordings, and my voice should not be used in public places is all I can say. Nevertheless that feeling of having the guts to sing in front of so many strangers was so amazing that I didn’t care how my voice sounded. I don’t think I will repeat the experience any time soon, maybe after I quit smoking, but the fact that I had the courage to do that, and feeling my self-esteem grow immensely last night was truly amazing.

I hope each person can get the courage and do something they haven’t done before, something spontaneous, something they were afraid of doing until now, because life is short, and without taking chances it passes by unnoticed.

Usor de zis, putin cam greu de realizat. Fiecare din noi are ceva de care ii este frica. De fapt avem mai multe lucruri de care ne temem: unele sunt din mediul nostru inconjurator, unele sunt chestii care ni le dorim si ne e frica sa le facem, altele avem curaj sa le facem, dar societatea ne-ar privi cu ochi mustratori si asta ne face din nou lasi, altele sunt pur si simplu fobii, etc. Acest articol a fost inspirat de o noapte de karaoke, in care alcoolul nu a fost un factor. E greu sa faci ceva care necesita curaj fara o plasa de siguranta, si a doua zi sa zici ca a fost altceva de vina, nu eu ! So, how does one face one’s fears ?
I have no idea, sincer. Nu e ceva care sa faca fiecare dupa un anumit tipar si nu exista o regula care sa ne scoata din matca noastra protectoare, in concluzie e diferit pentru fiecare. Singurul lucru care cred ca e la fel pentru toate persoanele este sentimentul de dupa actul curajului. Iti cumperi o peruca colorata, si stai cu ea in mana de frica sa nu fi catalogat nebun plimbandu-te cu ea pe cap, stai pe margina unei trambuline de 10m si te uiti in jos, stai pe marginea unei prapastii legat cu sfori pentru bungee-jumping si te uiti in gol, stai la marginea unui bar si te uiti la microfon, stai stai stai … … si acum vine momentul acela, in care stomacul ti se face punga, simti ca ai sa explodezi, simti cum iti bate inima in timpane si trebuie sa iei o decizie. Faci acel pas, sau nu?
Fiecare are o viata particulara, are sentimente particulare, are acel sine, care nu poate fi descris sau explicat, dar poate fi exploatat. Un lucru care ni s-a intamplat de mult, un eveniment in care am avut curajul sa facem pasul si dupa am fost dezamagiti, acel eveniment ne-a putut marca, si am hotarat sa nu mai riscam totul din cauza fricii unei dezamagirii. Pe de alta parta lipsa riscurilor, si lipsa salturilor in gol ne-ar putea determina sa schimbam rutina si sa ne luam avant mai tare.
Nu stiu ce determina pe fiecare sa faca acel salt, dar sunt sigura ca daca riscul este luat, si efectul este bun, atunci sentimentul victoriei este deasupra cuvintelor. Normal, totul poate fi un esec, asta nu inseamna ca nu trebuie sa riscam. Va spun sincer, am fost la karaoke, si am facut acel pas catre microfon. Am luat microfonul in mana si am cantat. Am ascultat astazi inregistrarile, si am o voce demna de folosit strict in privat. Totusi sentimentul acela ca am avut curajul sa cant in fata unor oamenii a fost atat de frumos, incat nu m-a prea interesat cat de urat cantam. Nu cred ca am sa mai repet experienta curand, poate dupa ce ma las de fumat, dar faptul ca am avut curajul sa fac acest lucru, si increderea in mine care mi-a oferit-o seara trecuta a fost un lucru extraordinar.
Sper ca fiecare isi poate lua in dinti inima si sa faca ceva ce nu a mai facut pana acum, ceva spontan, ceva de care i-a fost frica pana acum, pentru ca viata este scurta, si fara riscuri ea trece pe langa noi neobservata.


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