Posted by: dragonflyoutinthesun | January 21, 2010


“Ruadh gu brath!” – Scots Gaelic for “Red heads forever!”

I love red hair! I love ginger-red, auburn-red, strawberry-red, the whole palette!
Yes, there are all those facts and myths about redheads : that they need more anesthetic, that their pain-level is lower, that they are more likely to get skin-cancer, that “their temper matches their hair”, that their sexual appetite is higher, that red hair is the “mark of the devil”, that they’re witches, that they’re a sign of luck, etc. The truth is people were scared, as usual, of what they couldn’t understand.
I’m not going to write about that, you can google that, I’m not going to copy/paste! What I find fascinating is that they are special and to be special from birth without having to achieve anything is wow! They’re a rarity (~4% of the population has genuine red hair) and even I, having brown hair, can have a baby with red hair; I hope my kids have red hair :). When I look in the mirror and see my red hair, although it’s dyed, it makes me smile, it’s like the hair has an aura over it(when it’s clean:D). I think it’s a color that woud fit any woman, regardless of their age skin-tone etc. It’s a timeless color that can bring you in the mood you want, any mood, it’s classy, it’s perky, it’s innocent, it’s everything you want it to be.
Also, they have a Redheadday! Yeey…the festival is held in September in the Netherlands.

This is my head:D:

“Blondes are noticed but redheads are never forgotten.”



  1. mie-mi place pijamaua:)) si suvitele alea aiurea:P
    “(when it’s clean:D)”:))

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