Posted by: nyurkha | February 8, 2010

Let’s play to win!

We rule ourselves one way or another out of fear
Fear that we will never be able to hear
Our deepest hopes and dreams come alive
We can’t hear the demon because we’re dead inside.
Searching for an exit through our own fears
Fighting through pillars build in history
Fighting to find what was never there
The illusion that people actually care.
We murder the beauty that slipped through the cracks
We build our own volcanoes to die in the blasts
We never know where the demon is hidden
Yet we treasure him because he’s forbidden.
Our faces are different from even our twin
Our actions are chaotic and we expect to win
Winning is all that we ever cared about
Though we have no idea when we should shout
Because we never knew what the hell we’re fighting for
And the only prize in sight is simply … war
War with ourselves and with each other
War with death, death is our mother.
The demon that lives on this earth today
Is me, it’s you, it’s any poor stray
So don’t fight the demon you dread
Simply try and get in bed
With all this hell that’s breaking loose
And try to stay away from the noose
Cuz you will die one either way
Don’t cheat, the game needs to be played

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