Posted by: nyurkha | March 15, 2010

Do you have hope?

I’m walking to a place where I used to be happy

I’m walking through everything that is unholy and mighty

I see trees around me resenting my very presence

I hear the wind scream and whispering my sentence

Of total loneliness in this pavement jungle

Which I, with time, have learned to hate just like a Mugger

As I walked in search of my happy place

I realized how the world was telling me to wipe hope off my face

Everywhere you look the media, the people, and the entertainment

They tell you everything’s okay, and they enable

For you to see happiness on everyone’s table

But this simply is not possible, just simply isn’t true

Because not everyone is happy and not any one cannot be blue

Happiness is but and illusion searched by many and found by none

And the happy place is a delusion that was never confirmed by anyone

We can probably keep searching because without hope we’re zombies

But the backstage talk is: no one has found love and no one is actually happy


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