Posted by: nyurkha | May 3, 2010



A sutured heart is not the same,
As it was, before it was maimed,
He had the power in his hands
To kill you and bury your remains
But you survived through hell and back
And yet you’re wandering off the beaten track.
On that night when you almost died
Remember you weren’t the only one that tried.
You both were wounded after the fight
You both were bleeding in the dead of the night,
You both got up and limped your way home
Thinking whether that was really the way to go…
Licking your wounds in a corner of a room
Wishing you were dead not later but soon
Wondering if the slashes made on your skin
Were actually your fault, or his
Time has passed and your wounds are healed
And you build around you a fence or a shield.
Your scars will never go away
But your heart is here to stay.
Take it easy, don’t break apart
For it is better to have loved and lost…


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